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Hunting is a serious task and those who take it seriously excel in this task. This is not something you go being unprepared. You’re traveling far from home, going into a place where naturally the comfort and security of home is absent. That’s why it’s up to you that you take all your necessary gears and equipment. The most convenient thing for that job will be the best hunting day pack.

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The concept of hunting day pack is simple. If you’re a hunter who doesn’t stay in the woods overnight, a day pack will be enough for you. A daypack comes in a size that is not so huge, but spacious enough to accommodate your necessary things for a day. Generally, the day packs range from 1000-3000 cubic inches.

Comparison Table of Best Hunting Day Pack :

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack

Best Sellers Rank

Hydration port and pocket

Weight: 3 pounds

Allen Company 19099 Pagosa Daypack, Realtree Xtra

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions:
24 x 15 x 6 inches

Weight: 3 pounds

Military Tactical Backpack Small 3 Day Assault Pack

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions:
11.2 x 18 x 12 inches

Weight: 3 pounds

Best Hunting Day Pack Buying Guide:

Think About Future

There are two types of hunting backpacks. First one is the type we’re discussing here, the daypacks. Those who finish their expedition or hunting trip before sunset usually go for daypacks. Others who like to stay outdoors for several days opt for bigger backpacks.

One thing most people ignore is thinking about the future. That especially happens when buying a day pack. If anyone buys a daypack in the summer, there is a possibility he might overlook the winter. Choosing small backpack for instant portability is a problematic idea. When you’ll be needing to accommodate jackets, sleeping back and have to carry the meat in the winter, you’ll find that your backpack is not big enough. Buy a backpack keeping your whole years trip in mind.

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Materials play an important role in the durability and performance of your bag. Also, how water resistant is your bag also depends on the materials.

For example, there are generally four types of materials.

Nylon- Nylon is a very strong material which can carry lots of weight. It offers the bag UV ray protection and gets dried instantly after being wet.

Rip-Stop Nylon- This is another variation of nylon. It possesses all the characteristics of nylon, but the difference is it's more resistant to wearing and tearing.

Canvas- Canvas was most popular material before. While canvas can carry significant weights, the fabric itself is heavy.

Polyester- New generation fabrics like polyesters are getting popular. They are amazingly lightweight while possessing a heavy load carrying feature. It also offers UV ray protection.​

Which one is suitable for you? We suggest you go with nylon, rip-stop nylon, and polyester type. Those types of materials offer better UV protection. Why’s that important? Because UV rays attack the fabric of your daypack and keep decaying them slowly. It’s no good if your backpack is subjected to sudden tear in a hunting trip. UV protected bags offer durability in terms of that.​

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Internal/ External Frame

These are the two types hunters struggle to choose from. Each type has its own advantage.

The internal frame contains plastic, foam or metal inside the bag which gives the backpack a solid structure. The structure transfers the heavy weight from the strap to itself, making it easy for the hunter to carry the backpack. They are closer to the body and less likely to get caught by bushes or tree branches. The main problem with an internal frame is the airflow to your back gets blocked by the bag

External frames consist of a metal or plastic structure. On one side comes the strap while the bag is on the other side. This type of frames can accommodate a lot of gears and equipment. They provide good ventilation and comes with lots of pockets. Adjustability and versatility, these are two attributes which draw the hunters towards the external backpack.

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Don’t Overlook Small Details

Yes, many people get so overwhelmed by the sight of the backpack that they overlook the small details. But, it’s the small details that determine the convenience of the user.

For example, your bag should be roomy enough to store the meats. Often people overlook the feature and ruin a perfectly good meat on the way of returning home.

Then, the bag should come with external straps like compression straps, shoulder and waist straps. These straps help the bag to get smaller in size for easy carrying. The backpack should contain H2O compartment and soundless zippers. Delicate things like GPS, compass, binoculars should have a safe padded place to store. Look if the backpack has double stitching or storm flaps, these will increase the backpack’s utility to the hunter.

Another feature is water resistance. There are backpacks that offer quite good resistance against water and get dried with some time. Nowadays, most of the daypacks come with external rain guard which offers an immediate and effective solution to the hunters.​

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Daypacks generally come in two design. Camouflage design and solid design. Solid design generally comes with one attractive color. Although that is a treat for eyes, that might not provide necessary invisibility for the hunter. On the other hands, camo designs offer invisibility on the background of nature. However, these are minor issues, always go for the quality first then for the look.

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Best Hunting day pack- Top Choices:

1/ ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack

The ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack is one of the hunter favorites due to its slick design yet great carrying ability. The daypack can carry up to 2285 cubic inches of load, which is equal to 37 liters. Comes with a beautiful design and relatively cheap price, this is a backpack new hunters can choose without any hesitation.


  • The backpack comes with multiple pockets and storage options. The main compartment is quite spacious. Additional pockets like the front accessory and main pocket, lower storage pocket, and side mesh pockets provide a great space for storing different essentials.
  • The bag is only 2 pounds in weight. Still, it can carry a good amount of weight. To maintain the shape of the bag within control there are side compression and adjustable sternum straps. Also, padded waist and shoulder straps help the carrier with comfort during an expedition.
  • The bar-tacked webbing provides multiple addition points. The backpack comes with hydration port and pocket to fulfill the need of water of the hunter.

What We Like:

  • The bag comes with large main compartment and front accessories pocket.
  • The lower storage pocket provides a safe haven for GPS, compass or other delicate things.
  • The padded waist belt and shoulder straps provide necessary comfort to carry the heavy load.
  • The backpack comes with a fairly cheap price. It’s a good deal for that price.

What Could Be Better:

  • The Mesh pockets should have been stronger.

2/ Allen Company 19099 Pagosa Daypack, Realtree Xtra

How would you feel when you’re going to a trip, knowing that every portion of your bag is somehow useful? Assured, right? Allen Company 19099 Pagosa Daypack comes with such facility. This bag comes with a good 1800 cubic inches of space.


  • The bag is made of silent and brushed tricot fabric, which doesn’t produce any uncomfortable sound of friction with your back. The bag comes in two camo pattern and weighs only 2.8 pounds.
  • Comes with additional straps like shoulder straps, sternum straps, and side compression straps. The padded shoulder strap provides comfort while others aid in the slim design of the bag.
  • The back support panels keep your backside ache-free in the long trip. There are additional waist pocket and hydration pocket for keeping water and other necessary gears.
  • The bag comes with highly visual lining and large, bright zipper to find your necessary compartments even the sun isn’t fully up.

What We Like:

  • The bag is lightweight and possesses additional pockets like waist pocket.
  • The back support panel is something day hunters crave for. It protects the back from getting sore.
  • The hydration panel provides adequate space for carrying water. If you need more, the side water bottle pockets will do the job.
  • The bag is made of silent, noise free material so that you can go near your game without alerting them.

What Could Be Better:

  • The waist pouches should have been a bit forward for easy access while wearing the daypack.

3/ Military Tactical Backpack Small 3 Day Assault Pack

Want to get introduced with the next market favorite backpack? The Military Tactical Backpack Small 3 Day Assault Pack is not on the market for many days, but already it took a major portion of the buyer’s heart. This bag ensemble the military personnel, strong, rugged and resistant to any abuse.


  • The backpack is only 3 pounds in weight. This is not a usual military bag, rather it was made keeping adventurers and hunters in mind also. The bag is made high mass fabric. It’s water resistant and very durable.
  • The bags come double stitched. There are back panels for the user comfort while carrying heavy loads. There are load compressing straps in the side and the front. The shoulder straps come padded and meshed for proper ventilation.
  • This bag is known as 3-day assault pack. And to support that name it has a big hydration compartment and additional pockets. The strong zippers and utility cord will sustain for years.

What We Like:

  • If you’re a fan of strong, rugged backpack that can absorb huge torture, go for it. The fabric is thick and double stitched.
  • The bag is water resistant and comes with additional padding on the shoulder and back panel for soothing the user.
  • Strong zippers, pull out cord and hydration panel for carrying water.

What Could Be Better:

  • You have to purchase the hydration bladder additionally as it’s not included with the hydration panel.

4/ ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack, Realtree Xtra

ALPS is one of the leaders when it comes to hunting day pack. Their ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack is actually two bags in the shape of one. There is a fanny pack which extends to a day pack. Portability and quality, what more you can ask for, right?


  • The fanny pack is small and portable, and the day pack is nicely tucked into it. Upon need, the day pack can be extended to convert the fanny pack into fully functional hunting backpack.
  • The fanny packs a capacity of 800 cubic inches. The day pack, when extended has the capacity of 1900 cubic inches. Together they serve a good 2700 cubic inches of space.
  • The backpack comes with an adjustable harness on the shoulder and waist belt which is padded and with pocket. There are pockets in two types, main, and front pockets.
  • The bag comes with accessory pockets like Camera pocket, binocular pocket, and cell pocket.

What We Like:

  • First of all, the amazing flexibility the backpack offers. You use just what you need. Turn it into daypack if you need more space.
  • The backpacks both come with a cumulative 44 liters of capacity. The back is padded for carrying the easily.
  • There is accessories pocket to keep your sophisticated equipment safe.
  • The shoulder harness is removable when you don’t need it.

What Could Be Better:

  • The straps should come with more quality.

5/ Military Tactical Rucksack, TOPQSC Waterproof 600D

Another military backpack that justifies its price. The Military Tactical Rucksack, TOPQSC Waterproof 600D is not only sturdy, its durable, water resistant and resistant to scratch. Looking for a rough journey into the woods with a lot of tree branches and bushes on the way? Go for the TOPQSC without any reluctance.


  • The backpack comes with outstanding storage capacity like the primary pouch, secondary pouch, Inter space for laptops. The inner-layer is padded and Velcro made. Not only laptop, keep your valuable accessories like a smartphone, tab, iPad without any hesitation.
  • The fabric is strong- stitched, the main compartment is double zipped. This bag has additional straps like side straps, nylon straps and plastic clips. No matter how loaded it is, compress it to your desirable size.
  • The back side comes padded and meshed to allow the air flow through the back.
  • The shoulder strap is padded and suitable for carrying the load easily.

What We Like:

  • The daypack comes with a load of options!! Choose from five attractive colors according to your taste.
  • The bag facilitates the carrying of valuable and delicate gadgets like tab and laptop within a secured zone.
  • The bag is water proof. The fabric is anti-scratch wear resistant.
  • The backside is quite breathable with padding and meshed lining.

What Could Be Better:

  • Check for the capacity beforehand as the bag comes with different capacity.

Final Verdict:

Hunting into the wild is a challenging work. But it gets very tough when you willingly impose difficulties on yourself. One of these imposed difficulties is not taking proper gears and equipment.

Into the wild, always be prepared to allow yourself some comfort if you can, because this stored energy will pay back later. If you’re a day hunter, go for the best hunting day pack that aligns with your needs.Hope our top list will help you to find your suitable day pack. 

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