Best Video Camera For Hunting Reviews

Best Video Camera For Hunting

People say hunting is one of the best ways to know your own self. Hunting is not an easy job. It requires dedication and patience. It brings out the best of yourself, the strong self that has been walloping in the comfy lifestyle. In a hunting trip, you have to fight against nature, the prey, even your own self.

And, when all is done, you get the trophy that you has been preparing yourself for, you would want to capture that moment by not an ordinary one, rather the best video camera for hunting.

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Who doesn’t want to relive a glorious moment? When that is impossible in our capacity, the next best way to do this is capturing the very moment. You know you’ll go over the moment hundred times in the coming days, and you wouldn’t want that moment to be blurry, fading and interrupted. Best, and only the best video camera for hunting can give you that clarity.

You’ll get to show the moment of glory and your strength to your children, perhaps even grandchildren. What can be more delighting than that, right?​

Comparison Table of Best Video Camera For Hunting :

TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

Best Sellers Rank

Video Resolution:
HD:1920x1080,15fps / 1080x720,30fps (AVI)

Password Protection: Yes

Weight: 1.9 pounds

Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Infrared Night Vision Camera

Best Sellers Rank

Video Resolution:
HD:1920x1080,15fps / 1080x720,24fps AVI

Password Protection: Yes

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Trail Camera, Abask Game And Hunting Wildlife Camera With Waterproof Case

Best Sellers Rank

Video Resolution:
1280*720 (30 fps), 848*480 (30 fps), 640*480(30 fps)

Password Protection: Yes

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Best Video Camera For Hunting Buying Guide:


Out in the trail or in the wild, you cannot expect everything will go as smooth as you expect. That’s why, you should choose your gears that are not a liability, rather strong enough to cope with slight rough use. The video camera is no different.

You need your video camera to be solid and durable. It should be able to withstand little tortures that come in its way. Like getting in touch with tree branches or hard rock. You wouldn’t want your camera to get a scratch easily. It should not be made of cheap, fragile plastic. Those will shatter the moment the fall from your hands.

Also, your video camera should have a good grip, so that it stays in our hand even if we have to run or crouch. The glass should be made in a way that doesn’t break easily.​

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Video Quality And Audio

Well, that’s the reason we are buying the best video camera for hunting, to get the best videos and sound, right? Nobody wants to go through the trouble of capturing the moments, only to find they are unclear later.

Make sure the camera you are buying has a good picture quality. Also, the camera should have better focus and zooming ability. The audio reception of the camera should be clear. The real time sound will help you go back to the moment when you’ll see the video later.

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The weight might not seem a factor when you take the camera in your hands for a while, you might even like a heavy camera. But the reality is, you’ll have other equipment and gears like the weapon, hunting backpack, GPS to handle and a bulky, heavy weight camera will increase your problem. Your hands will tire within a short time.

The solution is getting a lightweight camera, but that doesn’t mean compromising the quality. There are cameras that are made of materials that are lightweight yet strong. And some of those come with straps to make the carrying ever easier.

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Waterproof/ Weatherproof

You’re capturing the exciting moments, and a little bit of rain came and influenced the video. That’s what we don’t want. The solution is getting a camera which is rainproof, even weatherproof. No matter what the weather is, like fog or rain, your video quality will be great.

Yes, those type of cameras does not come at a cheap price. But you’ll find it cost effective when they’ll last for a longer time, unaffected by the environment and give you HD quality video every time.

Some cameras do not mention the waterproof ability in their features, but they work just fine when the rain comes.

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Filming In Low Light

Not everyone will need that. However, if you’re certain that you’ll be hunting during dusk or dawn, even in the night then you should go for a camera that works well in the low light.

Most of the prey come to the open space only at night. That’s why many hunters opt for stalking during the night. Often they overlook the night vision feature, only to find their camera useless later. That’s why it’s better to be clear about your requirements before buying the camera.​

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Mounts are necessary when you will be filming in a forest or a mountain. Those areas might not contain a flat and high surface for filming. Not only for hunting, if you’re filming the wildlife or birds, a mount will help you to keep the camera steady and stable.

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Other Factors

There are other factors that will add bonus points to your purchase of the best hunting video camera.

For example, having a camera with long lasting battery is important. This will provide extended lifetime which will help you film uninterruptedly. Nobody wants their camera battery to die at a crucial time.

If the camera comes with external case, that’ll help you to keep the camera safe and protected. The lens should come with a lens cover, to avoid dust to settle on the lens.

Some people prefer timer function. Especially when they are close to making the shot, maintaining a camera is out of the question. Just set a timer and concentrate on the job.​

Best Video Camera For Hunting |Top Choices:

1/ TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

Not just a daytime camera, the TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera come with night vision capacity. The camera comes with a high quality 12 MP lens and special features like motion freeze to film animals.


  • The camera comes with 12 MP resolution and 1-9 captures per trigger. Which means it provides 0.6- 0.8 trigger speed. Also, the camera provides 90 seconds of continuous video filming along with audio.
  • The night vision camera works well in daytime and nights. In the night, it can capture black & white photos up to 75 feet distance. The patented motion freeze capture is the best choice for filming reptiles, crocodiles, and animals.
  • The camera comes with 5 video modes, offering you a wide range of choices. Video, photo, dual, motion detection, time lapse. You can choose according to your convenience.

What We Like:

  • Comes with 1920*1080P HD video up to 90 seconds.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof. Can withstand fog, sand, rain, corrosion etc.
  • Night vision and long range shooting, password protected.
  • 9500 photos can be captured with 8 AA batteries.

What Could Be Better:

  • The manual is tough to interpret, you’ll have to take help of YouTube.

2/ Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Infrared Night Vision Camera

One of the smallest, yet best quality camera of the market. The Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Infrared Night Vision has the facility of 36 pcs no-glow 940 nm LEDs. It has a sensitive motion detector that’ll detect any movement.


  • The camera comes with 12 MP high definition picture quality. It can capture 1-9 photos per trigger, with a trigger speed of 0.6s. The camera also offers 5-90 seconds of uninterrupted video every time you need.
  • The camera comes with a highly sensitive infrared sensor, which will sense any movement, by stay unaffected by mere leaves and grasses. This is a night vision camera that can take pictures from 75 feet distance. The HD quality sound and the lens provides clear picture night and daytime.
  • The camera comes with additional features like GPS Geo tag, bio-metric pressure, camera ID stamp, time and date stand with the picture. The camera is waterproof and suitable for outdoor uses.

What We Like:

  • 1920*1080p full HD video with superior audio quality.
  • The camera provides 40000 images with 8 AA batteries.
  • The night vision camera comes with 5 capturing modes.
  • Camouflage design and high motion detectability.
  • 7 Language manual and password protected.

What Could Be Better:

  • Cannot take more than 32 GB SD card.

3/ BlazeVideo 16MP HD Trail Hunting Wildlife Camera

This is one of the most versatile hunting video cameras. BlazeVideo 16MP HD Trail Hunting Wildlife is a camera that comes in nice camouflage design and gets triggered by sudden temperature increase caused by animals.


  • The camera senses anything moving within its range by using the infrared sensor. It can capture photos or videos from a distance of 65 feet. The 16 MP picture quality is something that’ll help you relive the memories.
  • The camera comes with a stealth style and long lasting battery. The battery can serve for 3-6 months in standby. The camera comes with password setting features that help prevent unauthorized use.
  • The camera comes with a time lapse feature. It can take pictures in a specific interval of time. This is a useful use for those who observe cold blooded animals, or life cycle of a plant or even parking garage.

What We Like:

  • Comes with a video capturing time of 5-30 seconds with a trigger time of 0.6 seconds.
  • Provides image in different MPs according to your convenience.
  • Easy to maneuver and pc use though USB downloading.
  • Zoom in capacity up to 8X times.

What Could Be Better:

  • This camera needs better adaptability in the night background.

4/ Trail Camera, Abask Game And Hunting Wildlife Camera With Waterproof Case

This is one of the most popular cameras that comes with waterproof case and night vision lens. The upgraded Trail Camera, Abask Game And Hunting Wildlife Camera provides CMOS sensor of 2 mega pixels and good photo resolution with 8 megapixels.


  • The camera comes with a sensor that can cover up to 60 degrees of an area within its range. The response time is 1 second. This is a no glow, night vision camera that can cover up to a certain distance at the night.
  • The camera comes with different functions such as interval, multi-shot, time stamp, serial number, and low battery alert. The camera itself is big, strong and has waterproof features. Above that, it comes with a black external case.
  • You can use an SD card up to 32 GB in this camera. The camera provides video at 30 fps and consumes a low amount of battery for a long term service.

What We Like:

  • The camera comes with 5 shooting modes like video, photo, both, time lapse and motion control.
  • Durable structure, water, and dust resistant.
  • Can be protected from unauthorized use by setting a password.
  • 2.4 inches LCD screen which deliver the clear image.

What Could Be Better:

  • Night vision range might differ and not reach the 50 feet night range claim.

5/ XIKEZAN 1080P HD Wildlife Trail & Game Camera 12MP

Comes with an adjustable resolution and capturing facility at both day and night, the XIKEZAN 1080P HD Wildlife Trail & Game Camera provides 12 mega pixel 1080P, good resolution image, and videos. Set any resolution from 5 MP to 12 MP.


  • The camera comes with a good trigger speed. The 0.8- 1.2-second speed ensures that you don’t miss and significant movement. Also, the camera features 5 multi-shot pictures. The camera offers 50 degrees of view within its range.
  • The camera is waterproof and dust, dirt and rust proof. It has an anti-theft lock facility, but you have to buy the lock additionally. The camera runs on 4, 8 or 12 AA batteries, depending on how long you want it standby.
  • The camera is easy to use. The image this camera captures includes time and date stamp, name, temperature, and moon status stump. The camera can cover up to 50 feet of distance. The infrared flash technology takes flawless pictures at the night.

What We Like:

  • The high resolution and fast trigger speed provide quick and clear picture.
  • 42 pcs of infrared LEDs provide awesome night pictures of the wildlife.
  • Weather and waterproof. Leave it strapped to a tree for several months, shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Anti- theft lock integration facility. Comes with a tree strap and additional equipment.

What Could Be Better:

  • The camera isn’t compatible with SD card more than 32 GB.

Final Verdict:

A hunting video camera doesn’t just provide you an amazing tracking of the wildlife, it helps you understand when and where you can get your preys. Those cameras can be set up along with trees. Not only you can use them for tracking animals, you can use them for the parking lot, for observing how a plant grows, how a flower blooms.

That’s why, your cameras should be strong and not to mention, weatherproof. They should have a good power backup and capacity to capture clear pictures from a distance.​

The best video camera for hunting is the camera that fulfills the above-mentioned criteria. The good news is, there are several of them and you can buy one according to your budget and requirements. Have a happy hunting season, and capture those moments of glory with your video camera.

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