Duraflame Infrared Rolling Mantel Electric Fireplace

Duraflame Infrared Rolling Mantel Electric Fireplace

Want to enjoy a warm environment in the winter time? Once there was a time everyone used the fireplace to get the utmost warmness. But in a modern apartment, you can’t even think of to use a fireplace.

Because it is almost impossible to handle the smoke and mess done with logs. Well, there is another option. You can use an electric fireplace that can provide you warm environment without any mess and hard work.

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Yes, there are different kinds of an electric fireplace to pick. In this review article, you will know about Duraflame infrared rolling mantel electric fireplace.

Duraflame infrared rolling mantel electric fireplace has LED technology that is energy saving and produces real like flame effects. So check this Duraflame rolling mantel heater reviews and make your home warm and cozy.

What to choose while purchasing an electric fireplace:

In your home, you can install an electric fireplace easily. You can enjoy the dancing flame with a warm environment. The infrared electric fireplace works as a heater and you can move the fireplace from one room to other. This helps you to make any room warm and cozy.

There are some features you have to consider when you are thinking of getting an electric fireplace:

  • Flames, Ashes, Smoke:

Wondering how you will enjoy smoke, ash or flames? Well in the electric fireplace, it is controlled by the animated pattern of the LED that is found inside the display. There is color flexibility in the unit.

If you like smoke then you can use log insert that is electric and there is also a water tank to use. If the tank is loaded, the fire will start the steam and it looks like smoke is coming out the fireplace. This steam helps to reduce the humidity in the air and creates a comfortable environment.

  • Brightness:

Sometimes after turning the fire off, the fireplace gets dark. You have to look for the remote control fireplace that keeps the brightness and you can adjust it. Just adjust the color and the brightness, you can use it also in the night.

  • Thermostats:

Pick the fireplace that will let you adjust temperature between low, medium and high. You can also set no-heat setting if you want. Make sure to check the heat settings.

  • Blower &Heat Fans:

Some electric fireplace can’t start heat automatically. It needs to be vented to start the heat. You have to check the venting settings that is safe to activate and also easy to set.

Among all venting equipment’s fan is the best option to use. If you want to use a standing electric fireplace than make sure it has automatic shutdown feature. It is for the safety.

  • Electric Fireplace Logs:

To generate smoke you can add fake or ceramic logs in the fireplace. It creates the environment as you are using a real fireplace in your home.

Duraflame infrared rolling mantel electric fireplace:

If you want a portable electric fireplace then duraflame rolling heater is the best option. This electric fireplace comes with the standard design. Your environment will be warm, moist and soft and the oxygen in the air will be at the safe level.

There is LED technology and that is energy efficient. There are ember bed and resin log in the electric fireplace. You can also adjust the brightness settings for a perfect warm environment.


  • There are 3 electromagnetic quartz warming elements;
  • The power supply of the fireplace is 120V. There is 3 ground outlet;
  • The heat output is 5200 btu, 12.5 amps, and 1500 watt;
  • You will find the fireplace real like. It has brightness feature and digital thermostat;
  • It is easy to assemble and provides perfect heat;
  • The lacquer is protective and rich in color. And the surface is durable;


  • Creates comfort and warm environment;
  • Great heater;
  • Easy to assemble and adjust;


The flames create noise;

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers(FAQ)

Q.1. Is the electric fireplace work like heater?

Ans: Yes, it does.

Q.2. Can you adjust the settings of duraflame infrared rolling mantel electric fireplace?

Ans: Yes and it is easy to do with a remote.

Final Verdict:

Duraflame infrared rolling mantel electric fireplace is the one that is highly recommended for them who want a portable electric fireplace. This fireplace has all the fantastic feature you want in a fireplace to meet all the requirements.

So if you really want an electric fireplace, just go through this duraflame rolling mantel heater reviews and create a warm environment. Enjoy the cozy environment in a cold chilling weather.

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