Sitka Mountain Pants Review

Sitka Mountain Pants

Specialized gears have been overwhelmingly popular in recent times. The reason is they make your hunting trip more comfortable and increase your chance to succeed.

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On a hunting trip, it is not only the animal that tests your limit with its survival instinct, it’s also the nature that’s trying to test you, challenging you to a tough trial of physical discomfort. In the wilderness, away from your cozy bedroom, your trusted friends are your hunting gears.

More specifically, quality gears like Sitka Mountain Pants.

However, the concept of hunting pant isn’t entirely new. Even in the past, people used to dress in proper clothes to keep them protected during a hunting trip. Usually, they did this with strong-clothed pants followed by a couple of layers of long underpants. 

But the main problem was the lack of insulation and getting wet in watery areas. Sometimes people were bound to leave their trip in a hurry. Then specialized hunting pants came and solved the problem.

What To Look For When Buying Hunting Pants

1. Camo pattern. Hunting pants are designed with different camouflage designs. Which design will you use depends on the area you are going to hunt. If you hunt in Greenland or prairie, then choosing green camo pattern is a good idea. As for hunting in the mountains, green won’t be that suitable.

2. Look for what materials they are made of. Cotton pants were popular among hunters before the polyester fabric came up. Cotton pants were good but significantly heavy. The good thing about polyester made pant is they are sturdy and breathable, water resistant, and very lightweight.

3. Your dress needs to be scentless. It should not be emitting even the smell of a new pant bought from the store. Also, it should have the capability to block your body scent. Why all the fuss? Because you don’t want to alert your game animals with a scent bomb, do you?

4. You want your pants to be durable, as well as the insulation capability. Generally, durability is not a matter of concern with brands like Sitka. As for insulation, it’s needed for keeping you warm in the winter season and cool in the summer season.

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Should I Go For Sitka Hunting Pants?

Sitka gears aren't something entirely new in the world of hunting. They are here for almost a decade now and one thing is for sure, they don’t compromise their quality. Yes, their products are not as cheap as other so called hunting gears. But that didn’t stop hunters from loving them and purchasing their products. Because, in the long run, you don’t want to replace your cheap hunting pants every season.

Sitka especially makes hunting pants for different areas and with different designs. What makes them different from others is the manufacturers actually came from hunting background. They know the ins and outs of hunting and the problems hunters face. Their gears are manufactured with a vision to address those problems.

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Sitka Mountain Pants Review

For a professional hunter or an extended backcountry trek, this is the pant that facilitates their need very well. The Sitka Mountain Pants took the excellence of Sitka Ascent Pants to a whole new level. Becoming more rugged than the ascent and more lightweight, the Mountain pant is the new favorite to every hunters/ hiker.

The Sitka Mountain Pant comes with durable fabric and more aggressive camo pattern. What makes it really special is additional features like knee pads, webbing belts, and extra storage.

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1. The Sitka Mountain Pant is made of a sturdy polyester lycra fabric. The fabric is very rugged to tolerate some serious use. The fabric makes this pant very lightweight while maintaining the quality. The weight of this pant is 24 ounces.

2. The mountain pant comes with amazing stitching and durable water repellant finish. The inside and outside joints of this pant are double stitched, well-articulated and resistant to water.

3. One of the great features of this pant is the knee pads. While other pants claim to be comfortable enough, not one can ensure your knees complete protection unless it contains knee pads. The Thermo-molded knee pads provide your knees protection when you’re in grounded position or sitting on your knees while dressing your game.

4. The pant provides some good storage with 2 front and back pockets, 2 side pockets and 2 cargo pockets. All of them are well spacious and come with a zipper.

5. The Sitka Mountain Pant comes with a low-profile, integral webbing belt. It fits comfortably beneath the hip belt of your pack.

6. The pant comes with a clear, visible camo pattern. The Optifade Open Country Concealment pattern provides you necessary invisibility in the eyes of the animals.

What We Like:

  • Additional features like knee pads and webbing belt. The knee pads are removable when you’re done with the use.
  • The stitching and the articulation keep the pant protected from sudden wear and tears.
  • Additional storage space comes with the 6 pockets of the pant. Quite a flexibility you got there!
  • The pant is very lightweight at 1.5 pounds, water repellant. Can be used in wet areas too.
  • The fabric is durable and you can go for a long time without bothering to replace.

What Could Be Better?

The popularity demands that the Sitka Mountain Pant comes with more camo patterns and designs.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers​

Q.1. Are they rain-pants?

Ans: No, they are not rain-pants. However, they are water repellent and get dried within minutes.

Q.2. What type of sizes do they come in?

Ans: They come in two types of size. Tall and Regular.

Q.3. What is the highest size I can get?

Ans: You can get the tall size up to size 38.

Final Verdict:

Of course you can somehow manage your hunting or hiking work with a regular pant. But think about the itching, uncomfortable feeling of a pair of jeans when sitting on your knees, waiting to take the shot. Then compare it with the comfortable, soothing feeling along with supportive knee pads. You know what you’ll be missing with regular pants, right?

Those who have used Sitka pants have a very good experience with it, especially with its quality. With a brand like Sitka, you will be buying something people are already buying and satisfied with.

Let us know how your hunting trip worked out with Sitka Mountain pants. Happy Hunting!!

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