Sitka Timberline Pants Reviews

Sitka Timberline Pants

Why are we reviewing specialized pant like Sitka Men’s Timberline Pant? Is having a specialized outfit even important, let alone reviewing them? Well, let me tell you why it is. A really long time ago, the concept of clothing wasn’t exactly like today. Even then, people used to prepare themselves exclusively for hunting.

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They used to wear special clothes and took preparations that reflected how important hunting was for them.

Why wouldn’t they, hunting was the way they brought food to the table. Hunting was a parameter of bravery, hunting used to bring a man out of a boy. A responsible man who take risks and go into the wilderness to bring food for his family. So they took preparations in the best possible way to avoid failure.

You might feel it surprising, but the reason for hunting stays more or less the same. Showcasing the ability of a man and bring some new foods on the table. And even in this time, the need for specialized gears like hunting pants haven’t decreased a bit.

Why You Need Hunting Pants?

Camouflage: The job of hunting isn’t just a piece of cake. You cannot expect to get an animal ready to be killed. As they live in the wilderness, their survival instincts have been sharpened. You need to beat that in order to get them.Prey can sense any abnormal activity or out of place objects better than even humans. You need to be invisible to them. To do that properly, you need to wear clothes that resemble the surroundings, the place you’re hunting at.

Fighting With Hostile Environment: The environment isn’t exactly the replica of your home, right? It will test you, throw you challenges you need to be prepared to deal with. You will be walking under the sun, crouching in the rain or waiting in the snow. A pair of good hunting pants will keep you warm and insulated. It will protect you from getting wet and catch a cold. It will even save you from sharp rocks and bushes.

Blocking Scents: Nowadays, hunting pants come with a scentless feature. When you use regular pants or jeans, it’s obvious that you’ll be emitting smell like a perfume bottle to the prey whose smelling ability is way better than humans.Hunting pants comes with scent blocking facility. Which helps with avoiding failure in your trip before it even starts.

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Where Sitka Pants Stand In Comparison To Other Pants

Started its journey at 2005, the Sitka Gear company was determined to change the outlook on quality of hunting gears. While people before were willing to trade for less, accepting there were no better options, Sitka gave people the comfort and flexibility they crave for.

Manufacturing quality hunting pants for people of different needs and hunting areas, Sitka is one of the most trusted names in the hunting world. Especially, their pants stand on a high ground compared with most of the brands out there.

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Sitka Men's Timberline Pant Review

Mountain hunting has been extremely popular among the hunters. And mountain hunting needs specialized gears and preparation more than any other place. The Sitka Men’s Timberline pant took the characteristics of a good hunting pants and blended them with Mountain appropriate features.

This exceptional hunting pant comes with breathable fabric, along with seat and knee panels, knee pads, durable stitching and necessary strength for a mountain hunting pant. Comes with an astonishing drying capability, it’s your go-to pant for any season.

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1. The fabric used in this pant is polyester-blend Gore-Tex fabric. This material made this pant very lightweight, without compromising the insulation and resistance to wear.

2. The feature that makes it unique is the breathable and waterproof seat and knee panels. If you’re sitting in a wet place or crawling through one, you don’t need to be bothered about getting soaked.

3. Another great addition is two knee pads. These pads are comfortable and useful when you’re crawling or lying on the ground. They are removable when you no longer need them.

4. The Sitka Men’s Timberline comes with good stitching and 4 way stretched woven. This makes the pant ready to withstand tough challenges. The pants are fully articulated, which means the fabrics are joined by a flexible joint which allows the user free movement.

5. The pant comes with two side cargo pants which are deep enough to support you with extra storage. There are zippers attached with them. Comes with suspenders which are great for carrying loads.

6. The pant comes with really good camo patterns, actually four of them. Not so dark like Mossy Oak or Realtree, gently replicates the lighter tans and gray that are the primary colors of nature most of the time.

What We Like:

  • This a pant made specially to withstand the harsh environment. A lot of pants claim to do so but it comes with features that support the claim.
  • The seat and knees are covered with waterproof panels to keep two of the most used areas dry.
  • The kneepad offers some serious help when lying on the ground or sitting on knees aiming to your game.
  • The stitches and the articulation mean your body stays stress-free with flexible, non-tight joints.
  • Extremely lightweight as well as durable. Comes with only 36 ounces of weight.

What Could Be Better?

It’s better to purchase a size up than your normal size to avoid any tight fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers​

Q.1. Are they rain-pants?

Ans: No, They are not rain-pants. The seat and knee areas are waterproof and others are well resistant to water and dries very quickly.

Q.2. Which size should I buy them in?

Ans: You should go for a size up than your usual size.

Q.3. What is their highest waist size?

Ans: The highest waist size Sitka Men’s Timberline Pants come is 44 inches.

Final Verdict:

Sitka is making hunting gears for people who want quality pants, even if they have to pay some extra bucks. Cheap is not the Sitka style, not in price, not in quality. Their Sitka Men’s Timberline Pants are a perfect example of that.

If you’re a hunter who doesn’t like to fail due to the lack of preparation, then go for the Timberline. It will serve you well for many days to come and prove to be a cost-effective solution over the time.

Let us know about your hunting gear experiences as well. Happy Hunting!!​

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