50-Inch Recessed Electric Fireplace

50 inch recessed electric fireplace

Looking for an to the electric fireplace that makes the room warm and gives the fashionable and modern style, then you have to install an electric fireplace. This fireplace makes your home a place to relax and family and friends enjoy the life with the warm and cozy environment.

You will not have to think about to install a chimney or use wood to make the place warm in cold chilly weather. Here I will talk about 50 inch recessed electric fireplace, this fireplace works with a button and makes your place warm without any hassle of smoke, ashes, and flames.

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What to consider when you are thinking to get best-recessed electric fireplace:

You will feel your home a luxurious place when you will have an electric fireplace in your home. For making the place suitable with the electric fireplace, you have to consider heat output, style, construction, design and many things. Here are the main points to consider when you are picking recessed electric fireplace insert:

  • Design: The electric fireplace comes with different designs. Mainly there are three types of designs that are very popular. One type is wall mounted- this fireplace is simple and only produce heats in a small room.

    The second type is inserted electric fireplace- this design is sometimes simple and sometimes hard to install. For this fireplace, you may need professional help.

    The third type is Freestanding- this fireplace is similar to a furniture. You can use it as a wood stove.
  • Size:
    It totally depends on your preference and the size of your room or the place you want to install. The electric fireplace is easy to install because they are convenient and fits in any space with style.

  • Construction:
    While picking the fireplace insert, you have to focus on the quality rather than the look. It is important because a quality fireplace will produce heat better than a stylish nonquality fireplace.

  • Electricity Supplies: 
    It is important to have knowledge about the electricity supplies of the electric fireplace. Or else you will not get the proper heat.

  • Style: 
    It depends on your personal preference. Wheather you like a fireplace with a realistic or a fireplace with pebbles or faux logs. Some electric fireplace has the design of colorful flames. So you have to pick on the basis of your needs and taste.

  • Heat Productivity: 
    As you can guess the fireplace mainly works to produce heat to make your room warm in cold weather, so you have to know, how much heat you need and can you control the temperature.

    Remember the electric fireplace can provide more heat than the traditional one. You have to be careful.

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces:

If you want an environment with the sophisticated look with the warm environment then you have to pick flush wall mount electric fireplace for your place. This electric fireplace has two heat settings with five flame setting.

 You can simply control the temperature per your preference. The flames can also be adjusted to different heat levels. In the cold winter night, you can enjoy cozy and warm environment for the relaxing crisp fiery light. All the settings can be controlled by a remote control.

You can set the temperature to any mode you want to be it is with or without any heat. A built-in timer is there that will help to shut down the heat whenever it crosses the warm limit.

 The black frame of this touchstone sideline recessed electric fireplace gives the place an elegant look. You can install this sideline 50 80004 50" recessed electric fireplace at any pace you want with ease.


  • The black frame of this fireplace makes your room a modern and stylish one.
  • Instruction of touchstone 80004 manual and easy to follow.
  • There are two heat settings in this fireplace. You can pick any one of it with ease.
  • The flames of this heat provider are realistic and change with color.


  • A fireplace with the modern and sleek look.
  • Beautiful in design.
  • Your room will have a classy look.


Some user says the heat is not sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers(FAQ)

Q.1. Can you control the heat of the 60" recessed electric fireplace?

Ans: Yes easily with the remote.

Q.2. Is this fireplace needs to be vented?

Ans: No, it is an electric fireplace.

Final Verdict:

When you want a warm place with a fireplace without any mess of smoke or ashes, this 50 inch recessed electric fireplace will help you to give this environment. You can spend a quality time with your family with this fireplace in the room providing a beautiful flame and a romantic environment in the room. Just pick the one that will meet your requirement and give your room a different look with style.

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