Altra Electric Fireplace Review

Altra electric fireplace

Have you ever imagined yourself watching shows or enjoying movies in a warm environment sitting next to a fireplace enjoying the dancing flame? Well here is a good news for you, altra electric fireplace insert model f18v is the fireplace that will turn your imagination into reality.

This Altra electric fireplace is made to make your movie room fascinating and warm. This fireplace is designed with a TV stand, media console, and an electric fireplace. This unique fireplace makes your space complete and gives your room a lavish look. You can also install the fireplace in your office room also.

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In a word, this fireplace will make your room an entertainment room. This fireplace is fully controlled by electricity, so there is no worry about smoke, ashes and messy environment. It means there is no need for frequent maintenance and it is environmentally friendly.

Now check the review of this fireplace and choose the design that matches your room decoration.

What to consider while buying 18-inch wide electric fireplace insert:

When you are thinking of taking a best electric fireplace TV stand, then you have to consider some important points. Let’s look at the consideration points:

  • You have to check the size of the electric fireplace, it really matters. Because if you get a big size fireplace for your small size room than it is a total waste of time and money. So you have to measure the height, wide of your room space where you will have to set the fireplace.
  • Your fireplace has to be EPA approved. With this approval, you can meet the requirements and specifications by EPA.
  • A fireplace with cast iron is the best option. You will find many electric fireplaces that come with a bear iron insert but this iron produces heat less than the cast iron. So pick the electric fireplace with cast iron.
  • Pick the fireplace that is easy to use and keeps your environment safe and cozy.
  • To keep your apartment room warm with an electric fireplace, you will not have to go for a pricey electric fireplace. You can meet the requirement with an affordable fireplace.
  • If you get a portable fireplace with a TV stand than you can enjoy a movie with a warm environment.
  • It is better to take a fireplace off the base of a user who has installed the fireplace already in the home. Take altra fireplace tv stand instructions from him.

Altra f18v66l:

Make your room environment warm and cozy with the Altra electric fireplace. With this fireplace you can enjoy a dancing flame, you will not need heat to enjoy the beauty. There is a LED light in the fireplace that gives the fireplace a unique look. If you have this fireplace in your room, you will enjoy the utmost warm. This unique fireplace has a gaming console and cable box to provide you full entertainment. This fireplace can hold a 50” flat screen TV with maximum 70 lb weight.

So with this fireplace in your home, you can make your room a movie room to enjoy a movie with warmness. You can keep your storybook, PlayStation, and blue ray easily in the easy storage box. You can use them anytime you want.

 The finish of this fireplace is espresso woodgrain. This finish makes the fireplace stylish and unique in design. Your room will turn into a traditional style look that will keep your mind refresh. Inside the fireplace, you will find two unit insert that comes with MDF metal and laminated particle board. This fireplace is full of surprise and style. It is highly recommended for them who loves style look in their furniture.


  • This Altra electric fireplace has the beautiful combination of storage and fireplace that provides heat.
  • The fireplace can give support up to 70 lb weight and 50” flat TV easily.
  • The units of the fireplace have metal made MDF and particleboard.
  • You will find the finish woodgrain that gives the fireplace a unique look.
  • There is a shelf to keep your PlayStation and blue ray easily. You can put DVD and storybooks also.
  • This fireplace has LED light and flames that provides heat with or without.


  • Great in quality;
  • Gives a standard look;
  • Produces enough warm in the room;
  • Sturdy and beautiful;


The heater stops working after some time;

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers(FAQ)

Q.1. Do this altra f18v66l has remote?

Ans: No, this electric fireplace has no remote.

Q.2. What is the measurement of the wide of this fireplace insert?

Ans: It is 18-inch wide electric fireplace insert.

Final Verdict:

With the Altra electric fireplace, you can turn your home into a place with unwinding and relax place with a warm environment. You can lead your life with friends and family with enjoyment.

The fireplace with TV stand makes the fireplace more demanding and fashionable. When you have this traditional fireplace in your home than trust me your place will have a unique look. Enjoy your favorite movie with your loved one in the warm and comfortable environment.

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