Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace

Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace

Fireplace..this name portrays the picture of flickering flame that makes the environment warm and cozy. But you may also give it a second thought for the mess and smoke that comes with this fireplace and also it is impossible to have a fireplace in the apartment.

If you want to enjoy a warm cup of coffee with your favorite storybook in front of a dancing flame with the warm environment then look for the electric fireplace with shelves. There is tons of fireplace TV stand to choose. You have to pick one that will serve your purpose.

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Before choosing the one you have to decide some points like where you will insert the fireplace, how much space you will need to place the electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces will work for as a replacement of the real fireplace. Just arrange the place where you will use Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace than pick the fireplace TV stand.

Buying guide of southern enterprises fireplace

The electric fireplaces are now a favorite heat provider and people especially who lives in cold places tends to buy this fireplace insert. The important thing is you have to know the reason why you are buying the electric fireplace. Let’s check the considerations to buy the fireplace:

  • The main purpose of taking an electric fireplace is enjoying a warm environment with the dancing flame. You will find the heat of the electric fireplace is enough to tackle the chilling environment. And the best thing about this fireplace you can control the flame by setting it. Look for the fireplace that will give all these benefits in the feature.
  • There are two types of heating function – the regular one and the infrared one. If you have a small room than you can consider the regular fireplace and if you want to heat up a big room than you have to go for an infrared electric fireplace. The infrared ones come in different designs like inserts, wall mount etc.
  • Want to use the fireplace as fireplace TV stand or electric fireplace with bookshelves? Then pick the ones with the designs. Do consider space saving and selecting the right place.

Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcase:

This awesome fireplace bookshelf is for them who loves to sit by the fire with a book. This electric fireplace has a bookshelf on both sides where you can put books easily. There are fluted columns on both sides of the firebox and the columns are tall and slender.

 There is a decoration of crown design and a balanced medal applique. You will be just amazed at the easy assemble feature and portability of this amazing fireplace. You will feel refreshed for the multicolor and bright dancing flames with a brick design that gives the fireplace a nice look.

This fireplace will bring a great look in any place you will attach it. It brings a unique look in the room. There is a LED light that is energy efficient. You can easily operate the warm setting with the remote. With the remote control, you can adjust timer and thermostat also. You can use this fireplace as a TV stand also. 


  • There is an electric space heater in this fireplace. With this fireplace, you can get radiant heat quiet and fast. With the remote control, you can adjust the flame, log, timer, and thermostat and create a cozy and warm atmosphere;
  • This fireplace has mahogany finish with soft and fixed style. There is a bookshelf that let you keep the books display and store easily. You can also use this fireplace as a TV stand. You can use 40 inch TV on the fireplace;
  • This fireplace is an energy saver. This fireplace has a glass that protects you from getting burn form the warm flame-like;
  • Easy to assemble. The material of the fireplace is resin, glass, basswood veneer, particle board and MDF. You can choose any one of them;


  • Great as TV stand;
  • Best heater;
  • You will love it as bookshelf;
  • Standard in look;


  • The material is not up to the mark;

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. Can you use this electric fireplace bookshelf as TV stand?
    Ans: Yes, you can use it easily.
  2. Is the bookshelves attached or single?
    Ans: Yes they come single. 

Final Verdict:

A fireplace with bookcases on each side is the best electric fireplace for every book lovers. You can enjoy reading in front of the fireplace in cold weather. An electric fireplace is a must have for them who want to enjoy a warm environment all time. 

There are many kinds of the electric fireplace but I highly recommend Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace to use as the fireplace for home. This fireplace is the perfect fireplace for home, workplace anywhere. So take this fireplace and enjoy a warm environment.

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