50-Inch Electric Fireplace Insert Review

50-inch electric fireplace insert review

It’s the best fun of a winter evening to sit warm and watching your favorite tv show along with dear ones. As pinching cold covers everywhere, it’s difficult to go outdoors. But when your living space comes warm with the touch of the magic box, simply changes your regular mentality.

Yes, I’m talking about the influence of an electric fireplace in your living space. You may don’t want any harsh but need perfect heating at your home, For such reason, the users of a fireplace increase rapidly.

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But if there’s an option to have properly heating room just by flicking a switch, considered the best form of recreation for the homeowner like you, Right? Just from such thinking electric fireplaces plays the vital role here. End of this reading you’ll get some appropriate theory that I recite from own experience about 50-inch electric fireplace insert review that aid you perfectly to get your fireplace with desired terms combination.

In the very beginning, you need to set the qualities you need must, and then filtering process comes easy. Though the basic terms are same for all electric fireplaces. Just flick a switch and get warm air can’t fulfill your wants. Whatever can, just the perfect combination of basic features to reduce your harness and demolish the worst experience about traditional fireplaces.

Now, look into some basic features of an Electric Fireplace.

Why You Need An Electric Fireplace?

It seems too odd when you carrying wood logs and clean the ashes every day just for getting warm at your living space, right? To get rid of such trouble you need an electric fireplace that aids you in the perfect manner.

What Should You Consider In Buying An Electric Fireplace?

Simply features make an equipment to its user.And even you also seek the neediest feature first and then all of its looking, though the simple features also important to get the awesome service. Here I mention some key points about the basic features that you must consider in buying an electric fireplace.

  • Heating Capacity: If your room living space is 1000sq feet but the fireplace you pick can’t cover the entire area, then it’s the worst difficult you ever face. Even its nothing but the waste of every single penny. In choosing an electric fireplace to justify the heating capacity of it, how far it covers and how quickly makes warm the equipment of your room. If it can’t cover whole then it’s not worthy of your money.

  • Installment System: It's another important issue. Now the electric fireplaces come with three types installing system and that’s are wall mount, tree stand, and portable mode. Some also come in the built-in process like portable one.

  • Safety: It’s the very basic term in going for a fireplace. If it provides heat through heating the surface then threat for kids and sometimes for the older one. Sometimes portable one comes in the variety of heating process. So keep in mind the heating system to ensure safety first.

  • Energy Efficient: Considerably it’s the final issue before place an order online or choosing a fireplace. IF it costs more than your wooden logs and other materials then why should you pick it? The chosen fireplace should be energy efficient and convenient to your pocket.

Now go through a 50-inch electric fireplace insert review and the key features of it.

Dimplex BLF50 50-Inch Synergy Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

This all-new Dimplex BLF50 50-Inch Synergy Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace considerably the best one not for its outfit or design but for the excellent feature of it. Not to mention about its manufacturer, as Dimplex is the leading leader in fireplace manufacturer industry. They continuously adding the modern technologies to ensure convenient service for its user.


  • In your first eyesight upon it, you might fall in love. The outfit designs to attract the real 3D flame effect visualization in your sight.
  • The cozy, realistic 3D flame effect gives your room stunning look with the really warm feeling.
  • This portable fireplace comes with three switches respectively on/off, heat and high/low. You can install it easily as it’s wall mounted.
  • The 3D display mounted on the wall so there is no chance to harm guest or kids.front glass is mentioned as safety glass here and it doesn’t get so hot.
  • The remote allows you to control it from your comfort zone.The energy efficiency level is best here and the chances of wasting energy are 0%.


  • Visualise realistic flame;
  • Easy to insert;
  • Remote control;
  • Energy efficient;
  • Portable wall-mount fireplace;


There is no thermostat.

The design and overall features are perfectly mergers here. And that’s why people like it in this friendly budget.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers(FAQ)

Q.1. Can I install it outside area?​​​​

Ans: No, you can’t install it outside because of its vent from the top.

Q.2. Does this fireplace need a Herath?

Ans: No, there is no need for a Herath, wood floor is fine.

Final Verdict:

In winter There is no better equipment in the living area than a fireplace. When it’s all featured in an electric fireplace then the hassle remise well. This electric fireplace insert gives you enough warm, in addition, increase the prettiness of your room.

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