Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit Reviews

Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit

A fire pit is a brilliant versatile outside invention. It is best to use in cold weather evening to feel the warm sitting around the fire pit. Your backyard will look like a camp party in the background. You can enjoy a bbq party in the background and you can also take it on the trip easily in the car back.

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When you see the dancing flames and warm feeling on the face, your mind will get refreshed and you will get a new energy to enjoy a life. In winter time, the fire pit is the best thing to have. There are many kinds of the fire pit in the market.

Among them, Landmann big sky fire pit is the best thing to have to enjoy a beautiful evening in cold weather.

Choosing The Best Fire Pit:

  • Size:
    The small sized fire pits at 22 - 24 inches. This pit is very light in weight and transportable. Everyone likes this pit for the weight because it is easy to set up in any place you want to enjoy a bbq party or camping trip. The pits have safety ring or handles that makes it easy to carry and store.
    The fire pits that are medium in size comes in 30-36 inch. This pit can use a good amount of woods that produce good amount of heat and flames. They are perfect for any sized yard especially small to medium. Though the size is medium they are easy to move. There is a fire screen in this pit, they keep the fire under control.
    The big size pit comes 40-45 inch and it is perfect for the medium sized yard. This pit can take lots of wood to burn and produce huge heat. This pit is perfect for barbecue party or camping holiday. This pit can’t be moved from place to place.
  • Fire starters:
    To start the fire in the pit, you can use wood or gas. Both are different.
    When you will use a wood burning pit, you will see it is less expensive and produces lots of heat. The camping atmosphere gets an authentic look. In this fire, you can cook potatoes, barbecue meat or roast marshmallow easily with this heat.
    But to get this heat you have to buy wood and store them. It creates ashes and smoke. The ashes need to be cleaned before you use it again.
    In a Gas-powered Fire Pits, you don’t need any wood or smoke to create a fire. The gas creates the fire. There is a gas tank in this pit.
  • Coating:
    The pits have the heat resistant coating and it is a must. But some of the pits have a specially designed coating that is made with special powder coating, they are rust resistant and protects the pit from getting destroyed by the snow or rain.
  • Fire Pit Screen:
    In some pit, you will find a spark screen that is handy and it protects from embers. You can also cover the pit with a vinyl cover to keep it perfect as long as it is not used. Let’s share a good tip for your pit that is if your pit is small and have resistant paint for rust, keep in store room covered when it will not be used for long years.
  • Multipurpose tools to use:
    There are some pits as they can be used for multipurpose like making barbecue and food grate. Some pit has tools like screen lift tool that helps in lifting the lid. In smaller pits, you will get carrying a packet and foldable legs to make it carry in any place you want.

Quick safety tips to follow:

  1. Read and follow the guide to use the fire pit;
  2. If you own a wood-burning pit than take a cover of mesh spark. It protects from flying and sparking ember;
  3. To adjust the logs try to use a fire poker;
  4. Before using gas-powered pit set the gas fittings and gas tank properly;
  5. Make sure to clean the ash leftovers before using the fire pit;
  6. Let the fire pit cool down before moving it;
  7. Cover your pit with a lid when the work is done and the ember has cooled down. Don’t work in windy place;
  8. Don’t use fire pit under a tree with branches;
  9. Avoid overfilling the fire pit. It will damage the pit;
  10. Don’t leave the pit with fire unattended;

Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit:

The Landmann USA 28347 Wildlife Big Sky Fire Pit is an authentic and unique design fire pit. The design of this pit is the shapes of wild animals that adds a glowing atmosphere in the night. It really looks beautiful when the fire burns in this pit. There are two kinds of color black or sand paint color. The pit size is 23 ½ inch and the bowl is deep 12.5 inch.

For the deepness, you can put a lot of firewood and produce heat. As the pit has a black finish, you will have to face less cleaning hassle. With this pit, there is a grate that is full sized and a handle. Also, there is a poker and a safety spark screen. This fire pit is durable for the high in quality steel material and it guarantees the long lasting.

You can use a rain cover that measures 30 inches in the rainy season. It is easy to assemble and fits in everywhere you want. To enjoy an even heat and to prevent rust from the ash, you can use 5 pounds of sand in the bottom. This pit is best to enjoy barbecue party in the cold weather outside the lawn. The feeling is just heavenly.

Product Features:

  • This Outdoor fire pit comes with poker and spark shade;
  • Wildlife patterns glow and give an exclusive dark environment;
  • Black surface for less washing;
  • With this spit, you will get a standardly sized cooking grate and a long handle;
  • In width, the fire pit measures 23-1/2 inches;
  • The bowl is 12.5 inches deep and large;
  • The wildlife patterns give a beautiful fire view;
  • The handle is a circle and has a safety ring;
  • Durable steel structure;
  • Contains poker and cooking grate;

What We Like:

  • Solid in structure and beautiful in design;
  • High in quality and smooth finish that makes it less clean;
  • Perfect in size;
  • The dancing animals give a beautiful view of the fire;

What We Don’t Like:

  • Gets rusted after some use;

Frequently Asking Questions:

Q: How to use an outdoor fire pit?

A: Take advice from professionals and know what will be great for your lawn and which fuel is best for natural gas, wood, propane or gel.

The different location has different fuel use. Before lightening the fire keep the bowl clean and remove all the leaves and branches away or else it may cause an accident. Do not leave the fire unattended especially when you are using firewood.​

Keep a mesh cover to control the fire. Keep sand and dirt as they also work as fire controller. Gasoline and charcoal fluid is dangerous as fire pit lighter.

Q: How do you maintain safety around the fire pit?

A: keep your fire pit away at least 10 feet from any explosive surface like decks or woods. Make sure not light the fire pit when the wind is blowing. Because wind will blow the ashes around and the accident may happen.

Clean the surroundings when you are lighting the fire pit. Make sure you have water and sand near you to control the fire.

Q: Is there any cleaning tips of this fire pit?

A: you have to clean the fire pit all by yourself. You have to remove the wooden remains and the spark screen cleaning with a wire brush. You can use a special brush that has a straight handle that helps to clean the ashes away.

The best way of cleaning is sweeping the center and scooping out the debris. Make sure all the airways are free.

Q: How to set up an outdoor fire pit?

A: when you are thinking of setting up a fire pit, make sure the place is stable and inflammable. Set the fire pit in the place where stones, bricks, gravel, and concrete are available. Under a tree, porches and deck is a dangerous place to set up the fire pit. Keep the fire pit 10 feet away from any structure or properties.

Final Verdict:

A fire pit is mainly used in the cold weather to enjoy a beautiful evening with family and friends. This pit can be set up in the yards or you can take it in places where you can enjoy barbecue or camp trip. As there are many kinds of fire pits in the market, it is really confusing to get the perfect one.

Let me make your search easy, I recommend Landmann big sky fire pit. This pit is just perfect for use as heat producer and lets you enjoy your time with your loved ones.

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