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Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting

Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting;

The operating system of your daily useful fireplace suspects as the toughest task you ever do in regular life. The inner part of a gas fireplace seems complicated and hard to crack down. So why you note down the service provider contact no right away from your hand. As you don’t know to fix the common issues and spend enough in every season. Is it really so difficult to find out the common errors? Nope, if it happens then how the technician solve that within few minutes? Right.

Anyway, you’re here to get the idea on gas fireplace troubleshooting and invent the way to get rid of that without any assistance. If you’re in the right place or reading the masterpiece one either the worst spending your time, just notice the end of this reading. Hopefully, it would be the appropriate place for you though you will recognize within a couple of minutes.

Let’s see the narrow down of this article and get some ultimate solution. In below I will describe the most common but difficult terms that harassed me very much in recent time.

Short Brief About The Parts Of A Gas Fireplace

If you don’t know well about the device, how you use it inappropriate manner? To operate proper way need to know about every tiny term of that tool. In aiming to spread such knowledge this portion includes here.

There have three types of the gas fireplace in our market. Those are not so different in an operating system but have some difference in structure and working policy.

  1. Natural vented gas fireplace
  2. Direct-vented gas fireplace
  3. Vent-free gas fireplace

Besides the vent type, a gas fireplace may go through either natural gas or propane. Ignition system also varies from model to model. Gaining knowledge about its part and parcel help you to detect the problem soon, that’s why I include it here.

  • Gas line:
    Doesn’t matter what kind of petroleum it used, but the gas line is same always. This gas line allows the fuel or gas to get into the fireplace and allow the pilot to light.
  • Firebox:
    It contains the flame and fire, which maiden and designed to use with gas. To lit the pilot, ultimately you need this stuff.
  • Venting system:
    It’s already explained above, as venting system classified this fireplace among various types. A gas fireplace can vent through several ways as it’s nothing but a chimney. It feeds the fire through provide much oxygen and went off dangerous gases quickly.
  • Blower fan:
    This fan isn’t available in every type and model of gas fireplace. The main task of this fan is to circulate the heat and spread away fast. Usually, an internal fan works through electricity.
    Ignition system: Though in working method and the lit system there have very few differences all the gas fireplaces have light and remain lit to produce or spread heat. The main aim is to generate enough heat in surroundings.
  • Thermocoupler or thermopile:
    The heating pilot is lit to heats up the thermocouple and thermopile. The thermocouple recognized as heat sensor because the elements of a thermocouple produce little electrical charge when heated by the pilot. It’s safety mechanisms that allow the flow of gas and prevent it when the fireplace turning off or produces enough heat at once. The magnet of thermocouple opens and closes automatically when it has the need.

Common troubleshooting and the way to solve it

It’s impossible to invent the each and every troubleshoot and solve them as the problems differ in models and materials used in a gas fireplace. Also, There have some problems where the assistance of a gas fireplace expert is the must. For complex issues, you should heir expert one and for common issues below analysis is enough for you.

Gas fireplace won’t ignite:
Very common and one of the best regular complaints is that the fireplace doesn’t turn on simply. Before hiring a technician to go through the explanation in below, if it’s something you can fix then do that.

If the fireplace is contained electronic ignition then check the fuse or circuit breaker first. An overloaded circuit can fuse easily. So check the breaker box first and replace the fuse if needed. If the fuse is okay then completely turn it off and then turn on, as sometimes the switch stands in middle. Sometimes this will solve without any remarkable change and assistance of others. Also, the manufacturers provide the alternative way to light the pilot without electricity in case of emergency.

Another common issue for what the fireplace won’t ignite is that the gas valve is shut off. Though sometimes it happens for lack of gas. So check the flow of gas as well, to fix the error quickly. If the fuel tank has enough gas then check the gas line once more. If didn’t get any result yet then go to expert someone.

Pilot light failure:
Sometimes without any reason, the pilot light blew out and the fireplace can’t provide heat. If it does happen then lighting the pilot again by following the Manufacturers rules and regulation. Even sometimes the pilot blew out because the vent is open, so check the vent also, if the pilot Extinguish.

You should check out the entire wiring to get the exact reason why the pilot light blew out. Assure a hole and gap-free vent cap that helps the pilot goes on.

If you see, a fireplace pilot that light highly and went off soon then look into the thermopile. A clean and properly used thermopile helps to produce much heat than other fireplaces.

Fireplace burner issue:
A Fireplace burner helps the pilot to lit round the heating cycle of the fireplace. If the burner fails to keep the pilot lighting then the fireplace can’t produce any heat or just become useless.

Some common reasons to solve the burner issue is that clean the pilot as a dirty pilot put off the pilot without any big issue.

Strange odors:
You can feel such strange odor when the odor went out through the vent. There have several reasons behind such odd odor. One of them is dust and dirt. Dust and dirt settled on the burner and bring dust spread some worst smell that you hate most. Sometimes the plastic and dirt derbies burn and produce such strange odor. So be careful, ensure, and firmly close the vent to get rid of this issue.

Strange sound:
A gas fireplace simply produces some common mild sound as the fireplace is working. But sometimes the sounds seem horrible or the little bit strange then check out the fireplace and mostly the inner parts of a fireplace.

These are the very common troubleshoot I ever face in recent time. As a regular user of a gas fireplace, I suffered much with these common issues. Now I learn the common troubleshooting fixing along with the way to relief from those.

Final verdict:

n our everyday life, we face some common problems. As a regular gas fireplace user, I stuck many times and at every step, I learn much that revealed above. Here I explain only about the common gas fireplace troubleshooting and the way to get rid of those. Hope this writing will be effective for you.
If you face any other worst experience then share in the comment. I’ll try to cover it.

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