10 Surf Fishing Tips

surf fishing tips

The fishing rods which used in surf fishing are extremely long. Nothing is better than experience. We are trying to make your fishing experience better by sharing many surf fishing tips and tricks.

Today we are going to share top 10 surf fishing tips for your better fishing success.

Top 10 Surf Fishing Tips:

1.The Low Water Survey: 

Before going to make a plan about surf fishing, you may have too good investigator. You need to investigate the beach’s low side like a crime investigator. It is important to note some things:

  • Remember where banks, gullies, and hollows are.
  • Weeds and rough ground place.
  • Any seabed changing sign like mud, shingle etc.
  • Are there any shellfish bed, cockles, razor fish etc.
  • Notice the tackle-robbing obstacles .
surf fishing tips


2.Understand The Surf: 

After taking some important notes now you need to understand the surf carefully. Strom or high wave can destroy the seabed and naturally create a new seabed feature, have to familiar with the changes. So, gather all the information and seeing all evidence, you will have a very good idea about where you place your baits.

3. Right Lures & Baits: 

Every fishing system’s success depends on choosing the right type of baits & lures. In surf fishing, live baits work better than any other baits. The some most victorious live lures are shrimp, crabs, and mullet, squids, and sandworm, rag worms shell crabs (hard/soft).

Among them, shrimp is proficient to attract all kind of fish spices but they can easily work out the hook. On the other hand, mullet and squid last longer on the hook but they cannot able to catch the attention of all fish spices. The best way to ask local bait seller/provider which bait works well in this area.

4.Weather Observation: 

Knowing the weather & season very important for any surf angler. Some fishes are move north when as it is warm and others move in an inverted way. In the same way, some fishes are found in daylight & some are in dark.

In the strong wind, fishes are getting more like than offshore wind. The morning and dark time is more productive than the midday. In the offshore wind, condition fishes are going deeper during daylight and come out in the dark.

surf fishing tips


5.Present At The Right Time:

We all know a proverb” time and tide wait for none”, it plays a vital role in all stages of life even in surf fishing.

Most of the surf fishing has two times for best output: two hours coming up with the high water and two glasses of water following in the high water. Along these times in low light conditions, dark and in the morning time bait can attracts fish more.

If you’re fishing time (dark/dawn) falls within in spring range, your success rate may increase higher.

The spring range means: When the sun, moon and the earth in a line and the sun and moon’s gravitational forces create more tides on the earth. The spring tide always happens a day or two days after a new/full moon.

6.Casting Length:

If you are a beginner on surf fishing, you may use the short line. Actually casting length depends on different spices of fish. Some fishes take the long cast and some fishes take a short cast.  

7.Avoid Over-Casting:

Overcasting is not good for surf fishing. You don’t need to carry many things along with you for fishing; it may create hassle after sometimes.

8.Use Best Shore Rigs: 

If you are new in surf fishing, then the fish finder rig is your best option.

9.Avoid Makeshift Rod Holders:

It is best practice to avoid makeshift rod holders for surf fishing. The buckets and coolers are useless; they easily fall down when you pulled out the fishing rod.

10.Safety First:

Surf fishing can be dangerous for anglers for strong or low waves in the sea. Take necessary safety steps before going to catch fish. Without letting, family members or friends cannot go for fishing. You can inform your fishing location in local police station. 

Some Extra Things You Will Need in the Beach:

Along with the necessary things, you will need some extra things for surf fishing on the beach. Here is a short list of these extra things:

Rain Gear:
In the river area weather can change suddenly. For safety, you can carry a rain gear to safe from rain.

Hand Towel:
You need a hand towel in many purposes likes to dry out your hand & need to wipe off your bait, fish scales. You can put the hand towel on their body and the immediately calm down and fit almost in the hook.

Sharp Knife:
A sharp knife is a very important thing in the fishing zone. You need to cut bait, line and cut to raw fish for cooking. So, carry a good sharp knife along with.

Knife Sharpener:
A small pocket size knife sharpener is also a very vital thing for sharpening knife. Without this, your knife will be useless after some time.

Extra Line: 
You should keep extra line in your tackle box.  Sometimes fish can be hard on your line. First, release the fish and then again surfing with it can be both time and energy consuming. So, always keep the extra line for fishing.

Needle Nose Pliers:
The needle nose pliers are for removing fish from hook, it will make your work easier.

Rod Tips & Glue:
After taking all precautions the fishing rod can break the tip off. Always carry a small box of tips and superglue to fix the rips.

A Measurement Tape:
A measurement tape is for measuring the length of caught fish. It’s important for knowing the length of your trophy.  


Surf fishing needs many practice and precautions. Before going surf fishing you may know the sea waves nature carefully, it can be very dangerous for any fisherman. Make sure you wear a wader belt to prevent slip under water.
Wish your highest success in surf fishing.

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