Duraflame 3d Electric Fireplace Reviews

Duraflame 3d Electric Fireplace

In a chill cold day who doesn’t want to take hot coffee in a warm environment? It is only possible with a fireplace in the house. Now talking about a fireplace, it is really not easy to maintain a fireplace with smoke and fire. It is really a messy and the first priority is safety. 

It is really tough to have a fireplace in a flat or in a building. So is there no chance to enjoy a warm and cozy environment? Well yes, you can use an electric fireplace. This electric fireplace really provides a cozy and warm environment same as like a real fireplace.

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The best thing about this electric fireplace you will not have to face messy environment and smoke. There are kinds of the electric fireplace like wall mounted, wall inserts etc. here I will talk about the Duraflame 3d electric fireplace that is also known as duraflame 3d infrared electric fireplace stove with remote control - dfi-5010 (bronze). This duraflame dfi-5010-01 review will help you to give enough information to take this wonderful fireplace just now and install it in the home.

But before that you have to consider the flame effect, heater style and space to keep it properly in your home. So check the review and take the fireplace for your home by considering all the features.

Buying Guide of Duraflame infrared quartz fireplace stove with 3d flame effect

Before going the for the talking about duraflame dfi-5010-02, let’s check out the consideration of getting the best electric fireplace. It is really a confusion to know what to check before buying the fireplace for home.

  • When you are choosing the fireplace you have to consider the space and size of your room and the fireplace. If you have a small room then you have to go for wall mounted electric fireplace. Make sure to pick the right size for your small wall. If you already have a fireplace space in your room than just take the measurement of the place and pick the right electric fireplace.
  • While picking the electric fireplace you have to see the heat power of the fireplace. There is no use to take a big fireplace with less heating power. Choose the powerful heater though it may come in small size.
  • The heat from the fireplace comes from the metal coil that makes the electricity into heat and flows it in the room with an integrated fan. Here the metal only gets heat when you want to heat it. Make sure it is not automated.
  • Pick the fireplace that has LED light. It creates a magical effect in the room with the warm environment.

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control:

The Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control can heat up to 1,000 square feet with additional heat. This quartz electromagnetic heater maintains the natural moisture that helps to keep the room comfortable and humid without drying the room’s air. This helps to balance the humidity of the room. This electric fireplace comes with a metal-made body that is long lasting. This fireplace has an easy operating door, sloping glass, windows fro side view. The beautiful thing about this fireplace is it has a genuine like flame effect with 3D technology.

This technology helps to create a layered flame effect and give the real fire experience. You can adjust the brightness that comes in 5 adjustable settings and speed. You don’t have to operate the heat all year round but you will enjoy the environment. This fireplace is easy to set up and it is portable. You can operate the electric fireplace with the remote control.


  • This electric fireplace is infrared. This fireplace helps to maintain the air humidity. This results from the moist and comfortable environment without drying the air.
  • The flame effect is 3D and it creates a real flame effect with 5 beautiful brightness setting with adjustable feature.
  • This electric fireplace is steel made and it is long lasting.
  • You will not need log or smoke to create heat. The fireplace has the metal coil that provides heat.
  • It is a safe fireplace.


  • Produces enough heat.
  • Provides beautiful flame effect.
  • Functional and realistic fireplace.


It doesn’t provide enough heat in the room.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers(FAQ)

Q.1. Is the fireplace noisy?

Ans: The movement of the fan may sound little but not noisy.

Q.2. Do this fireplace needs frequent maintenance?

Ans: Surprisingly it is a low maintenance fireplace.

Q.3. Is qvc duraflame heater recall safe?

Ans: Yes it is totally safe.

Final Verdict:

To enjoy a realistic warm environment in the chilling weather you can go for the Duraflame 3d electric fireplace. This electric fireplace will meet your all desires that you want from a real fireplace. Before placing it in the home make sure about the safety and warm environment. Enjoy the cozy environment with a hot cappuccino.

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