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Tips For Climbing Tree Stands

Climbing Stand

Hunting is an ancient fun loving game and people doing it for collecting food as well. From then to now, many things have changed in hunting. Most of the changes have effect in hunting equipment.

Equipment used in the hunting is more develop more users friendly and more efficient. Researchers explore one by one high-quality hunting equipment or tools. After using modern technology, hunting success rate become increasing, Hunter gets more trophies in a short hunting period of time.

In a hunter’s gear checklist, climbing stands are most powerful tools. Hunters can keep eyes on hunting prey from above. This gives a hunter a better view of the hunting area.

Climbing Tree Stands


Why Choose Tree Stands:

It is obvious like any other hunting equipment tree stands have many benefits. Climbing stands permit to rising opportunity from the forest ground. As a result, a hunter can see little changes on the ground. Speaking more clearly, seeing from above shows a lot of clarity.

A hunter can follow their game’s exact location. There is no need to wait for the animal to come from itself; you can get ready to shoot arrows from there.

Just make sure one thing when using tree stands, a strong tree available in your desired gaming area, it because stand needs a physically powerful tree body.

8 Fundamental Setup Tips Of Climbing Stands:

Learning the fundamental setup tips of climbing stands have great advantages and helps to improve your gaming result. Here 8 basic setup tips of tree stand:

​1. Pick Out A Suitable Climbing Stands:

​When a hunter decides to use a climbing stand, then initial thinking arise in mind, identifies a right stand. Some important features of suitable stands are:

  • Quick movement: If you are using stands in an easy territory, recommended a slightly heavier stand. But when you are in a mountain based area then use lighter stands for quick movement.
  • Easy setup: This is a key feature of any gear. In the hunting field, every gear needs an easy setup for hunters relax.
  • Comfortable: Without comfortability, every hunting equipment is useless. So, comfort is must for achieving the trophy.
  • Strong & Safe: This is one of the important features of it. Stands must have enclosure bars and boot stirrups to avoid slipping from it.
  • Portable: Tree stands are designed with backpack straps, thus it can be carried everywhere.

​2. Selecting A Right Tree:

Once you have decided to pick right climbing stands, and then time to select a perfect tree to setup.

The chosen tree must be very strong, sturdy and capable of huge bearing ability.

The major thing needs to notice, how wide a tree is. On the other words, which tree is wide at the ground and gets narrow as it goes up, is not an ideal tree. A short, skinny tree with plain bark is not safe for setting a stand.

On the other hand, tall, thick stem with uneven bark, it is good to choose for holding a tree stand.

So, try to pick a wide tree to top to bottom about equally.

Climbing Tree Stands


​3. Understand The All Parts Of Stands:

When you examine all parts of stands, you may feel it requires careful in use.

Climbing tree stands have mainly two parts – A platform and a set. The two parts are held together by a strap.

​These are:

  • Sitting Platform: This is the upper part of climbing stands, where you can sit after setting in the right position. Lock this part around the tree stem.
  • Foot Platform: And, it is the lower portion of tree stands, attaching this portion to the sitting platform. A tip that at a downward angle as well, hold the two section together.

​4. Reach Right Angle Of the Stands:

​Before placing the tree stands, need to find out right angle of the tree. When attaching the stands, must keep a very little rising angle for the sitting platform.

​5. Take Some Safety Measure:

​In this situation, requires to take some safety measurement for safe climbing. Use a safety harness for personal security. Make sure the top and bottom part are sticking together.

​6. Confident With Foot Stand:

​Unlock the upper part of stands and put it up for a higher. Make sure, the two parts of climbing stands are sticking strongly together. Generally, fixing rope should be allowed to enough long that hunter’s motion can perform smoothly.

Climbing Tree Stands


​7. Be Self-Confident:

​Before climbing secure yourself tightly with the tree. If unfortunately, fall down the stand you may secure with the tree, is the protected way to climb.

​8. Start Climbing:

Lastly, the climbing process begins. You may follow “sit and climb” style tree stand. Just, climb with the upper part, stop in enough high position to sit, and then bring the lower part above with the both feet.

Additionally, the all backpacks are tight up to the tree, it ensures nothing will interrupt climbing.

​Some Additional Things Of Climbing Stands:

  • ​Hanger screw: Keep some hanger screw for sudden use. Bring at least 2 screws- one for bow and another one for a pack.
  • Tow tape: Carry an extra rope for secondary use of stands or harness.
  • Packs: Take the requisites like a tow rope, knife, rangefinder, snacks or water in a small pack. It reduces gear weight.

​Some Safety Measurement:

  • ​Use a safety harness for own security
  • Select a strong and healthy tree
  • Climbing stand setup tightly to the tree
  • Regular checking stands and harness to avoid any injury
  • Always double check tree stand attachments
  • Use best quality rope
  • Bring Some extra ropes
  • Recognize the slippery situations
  • You should have 3 –point contact, when climbing or down from tree stands
  • Don’t be hurry
  • Send message to your family or friends where your climbing tree stand’s position
  • Never carry loaded gun, while climbing

​Final Verdict:

When you desire for a hunt in a large area, then using the climbing stands are peak preference. This way, the animals can be shot in the distance, no need to wait when game come to near.

To get these benefits, hunters need to learn proper setup research. Confidently, this article will help you completely.

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